My new shared ceramic space in Edinburgh! (July 2019)

I am excited to say that from 1st August, I now have a new shared ceramic space, so that I can continue my practice when I am living in Edinburgh.

It’s a bit of a faff having to transport stuff back and forth to Gaucín, but needs must.

The new space is with the edinburgh ceramics workshop.  They’ve just moved to a lovely new place – a converted school only 10 minutes’ walk from my flat.  How lucky is that! They have several kilns, lots of wheels and – joy of joys – a beautiful new slab roller! And all on the ground floor, yippee.

It’s going to be great to get the chance to meet some other people working with clay.

Here’s their website:

They are also on facebook:


and on Instagram: as ecw.    (edinburghceramicsworkshop)

Please note, I am also on Instagram as rgcven (Rosie Venables)

To inaugurate the new building (Abbeymount), we have just had a little get-together:




You can see what an airy, light space it is.  Can’t wait to get started!




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July 2019

Haven’t posted for ages!  Here are a few pics from the finished plates last year:


They’ve all sold now but I have promised to make some more.


I missed Art Gaucin this year because I didn’t spend enough time in Gaucín, but I am going to exhibit with Vivienne Whiffen in May 2020.  So I might make some more of these plates for that.  Here are some of the drawings I use:




Meanwhile, I am creating a new body of work based on the bull-on-a-rope, which I hate.  It’s my reaction to it.  I have decided to try to stress that bulls are sentient beings like us, and experience pain, fear, emotion just as we do.  And therefore deserving of our compassion.  And better treatment.


So far I have just produced a few drawings:


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2018 Art Gaucin

Looking forward to seeing some of you at this year’s Art Gaucin, on the last weekend of May and the first weekend of June.  My studio is in my garden now and can be accessed via my back gate at 15 Calle Cañada Real.


Here is some work in progress:



This is my reaction to the bull-on-the-rope thing they do here on Easter Sunday…

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I’ve moved! I now live in Gaucín, in Andalucia and in Edinburgh. I have a studio in Gaucín and have just been invited to join ‘Art Gaucín’, an artists’ collective. We show in the last two weeks of May. More info to follow! Meanwhile here are some pics:

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Last day tomorrow!


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Please come to my MA show!

Venables Rosie - Ceramics copyAt: Bath School of Art and Design, Sion Hill, Bath BA1 5SF.

On: Saturday 20th September to Wednesday 24th September from 10.00 am to 5pm.

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So thrilled – Lark Crafts publication 500 Figures in Clay Volume 2. is going to include a pic of my Holburne piece ‘Harvest’. The book comes out in Feb 2014.



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